Repeat Offenders, is a UK company specialising in creating graphic novels with TV and big screen potential. 


PAT MILLS is the creator and first editor of 2000AD. He developed Judge Dredd and is the writer-creator of many of 2000AD's most popular stories such as Nemesis the Warlock, Sláine and ABC Warriors.  He also created Action and co-created Battle Picture Weekly with John Wagner.  He has written numerous girls comic serials and also started Jinty with Malcolm Shaw and later Misty, as the female equivalent of 2000AD.  His other credits include Charley's War, co-created with Joe Colquhoun, Marshal Law, co-created with Kevin O'Neill (deluxe collection by DC Comics), and Accident Man, created with Tony Skinner (reprinted by Titan Books).

He also enjoys considerable success in France with his best-selling graphic novel series Requiem, Vampire Knight, co-created with artist Olivier Ledroit. Requiem is also available digitally on Comixology and at

In 2006, Pat got together with artist Clint Langley and entrepreneur Jeremy Trollope-Davis to form Repeat Offenders Ltd.   Dark Apps – a spy thriller; and Rose Noir – a female vigilante who punishes heartbreaker, American Reaper is set in a future world where identity theft can involve having young people's minds erased for a second chance at youth or for more sinister means. 

Clint Langley, has 17 years specialising in comic/graphic novels, book covers, storyboards and conceptual art for film, computer games and adverting.

Companies he has worked for include:

Sony, Acclaim, Fasa, Hasbro/Lucas arts (Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull) , Games workshop (War hammer), White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast(Magic the gathering) and Blizzard( World of War craft).

Comics he has illustrated include:

Marvel. (Ghost rider, Punisher, Wolverine, Guardians of the galaxy, Wraith and X-men), Rebellion . (Slaine, ABC Warriors, Nemesis the Warlock, Dinosty and Judge Dredd). Radical publishing. (Hercules, City of dust, and Shrapnel).

Jeremy Trollope-Davis is an award winning film producer (Caught 2017, Strike 2019) and film distributor.  

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