Clint Langley

Clint LangleyClint Langley, has 17 years specialising in comic/graphic novels, book covers, storyboards and conceptual art for film, computer games and adverting.

Companies he has worked for include:
Sony, Acclaim, Fasa, Hasbro/Lucas arts( Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal
skull) , Games workshop (War hammer), White Wolf, Wizards of the Coast(Magic the
gathering) and Blizzard( World of War craft).

Comics he has illustrated include:
Marvel. (Ghost rider, Punisher, Wolverine, Guardians of the galaxy, Wraith and
X-men), Rebellion . ( Slaine, ABC Warriors, Nemesis the Warlock, Dinosty and Judge
Dredd). Radical publishing. ( Hercules, City of dust, and Shrapnel).
Awards: Inquest award. Best artist 2007.