Pat Mills

Pat MillsPat Mills, is a writer and editor of graphic novels and comics over the last thirty years. He created a number of successful comics for
Britain's IPC Magazines including 2000AD and developed and wrote Judge

He also co-created Toxic! - a weekly comic featuring Accident Man (a hit man
series) and Misty, a girls supernatural comic. His work for the USA includes Marshal
Law (Marvel Epic) & Top Shelf); Accident Man (Dark Horse), Star Wars (Dark Horse),
Batman - Book of Shadows (DC Comics), Metalzoic (DC), Punisher 2099 (Marvel),
Punisher (Marvel), and Doctor Strange (Marvel).


Pat is currently writing the best-selling series Requiem Vampire Knight for France, now in a US edition from Heavy Metal and a British edition from Panini. Marshal Law was a best seller for Marvel and Punisher 2099 sold a million copies on issue one.